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Ride Revolution is a place where you will discover your inner athlete and true best self!

Our team will leave you feeling inspired and ready to ride again! Our studio is a place and space of inclusion, where all levels of fitness are celebrated and elevated – a place of positivity, connection and empowerment. A place where you will discover your inner athlete and true best self.

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Our Ride Rev instructor team does not just get on the bike and start the playlist. Our team lives and loves to make a difference for each and every RIDEr, connecting deeply and genuinely. We aim to change lives one RIDEr at a time.

Nicole Milstein - Ride Revolution
Nicole Milstein

Owner & Instructor

Nicole is a gym enthusiast, loves building community and is passionate about helping others reach their health and fitness related goals. Ride Revolution coming to fruition was truly fate! A local shop owner (Jody Fidler, co-owner of Ride Revolution) on South Pearl Street knew Nicole was a cycling instructor and thought it would be great to bring indoor cycling to the neighborhood. An epic location opened up and as they say…the rest is history!

Ride Revolution is a dream of 10 years coming true! A space that is so welcoming and inclusive for everyone, of every fitness level. A place that is fun, energizing and of course, a killer workout too. Get ready to ride with Nicole – you are bound to hear Notorious BIG and Taylor Swift on repeat.

Paige Milstein - Ride Revolution
Paige Milstein

Manager & Instructor

Paige coached at a few, local gyms in the greater Denver area for over 10 years and was beyond excited for Ride! Paige’s mom, Nicole, and her had a dream to open their own fitness space in Denver for over 10 years. When Jody and Nicole approached her to help open this space and be the studio manager, there was no doubt in her mind that this is where she wanted to be. This is a passion project. A goal. A hope. A job she has never really considered a job, but something she loves to do, gets to do and is so lucky to able to do. Paige was most excited to create a space where instructors feel empowered to be themselves and deliver a unique fitness experience to the members. There is no box to squeeze into here. She wants all instructors to shine in their own, unique ways.

Paige plays everything – sky is the limit! But you are guaranteed to hear Rage Against the machine more often than not 🙂

Patrick McClellan
Patrick McClellan


Patrick’s love for indoor cycling soon came after attending his first ever cycle class at Ride Revolution in May of 2023 and quite literally has almost taken a cycle class every day since! He fell in love with classes, the instructors and community – in his words “Ride Revolution is a safe space where everyone is welcomed and embraced. the fellow riders and staff quickly felt like family.” Patrick decided that he could not wait to teach his own classes and went through training and got certified to teach, and as they say, the rest is history.

If you attend a RIDE with Patrick, you’ll hear every genre of music from Stevie Nicks to Lady Gaga and everything in between – he loves all music and even used to DJ in a past life. A little fun fact about Patrick: he started his own audio / visual integration business almost 20 years ago. And if he’s not teaching, you’ll catch him exploring new restaurants with his husband Sean and son Oggie!

Nikki Pejavara
Nikki Pejavara


Nikki moved to Colorado a year ago from New Jersey and she is just a ball of energy on that podium! Nikki used to teach HIIT and Cycle-based workouts back home, but had such a huge passion for spin, so Ride truly was a perfect fit. Nikki is so excited to help build this community even more with people who have a similar passion of spin as she – moving to Denver a year ago, she just wants to meet new people while staying active.

Although Nikki does have a full-time job outside of spin in the pharma/manufacturing business, if you come to her class you are sure to hear a mix of music, but her fav is hip-hop/Rap. In her words, “I’m from south Jersey/Philly area, so of course my favorite genre of music is hip-hop/rap – I love to incorporate a little philly in my rides!” If you catch Nikki outside of the studio, she has a new pup that is the cutest and she is always looking to explore more of Denver/CO.

Amanda Campbell - Ride Revolution
Amanda Campbell


Amanda’s energy and positivity is not only motivating, but it’s contagious. Amanda began teaching in NYC at a boutique studio in 2018. The pandemic caused that studio to close but many of my riders and friends wanted to continue to ride with me, so we got at-home bikes and my virtual instructing journey began! Three years of virtual teaching led me to Ride Revolution. Ride Revolution, the community and the owners have all been amazing and supportive since day one. To be accepted for who I am and be able to share my story and fitness perspective has been life changing.

If you attend an Amanda-Ride you are bound to hear all sorts of different genres, mash-ups and maybe even see a different themed outfit on Amanda from time to time (our fav still was Annie Lennox). Amanda loves classic rock but her all time top three favorite bands are: 1) The Kinks, 2) Foo Fighters, and 3) Led Zeppelin. Get ready to rock out with Amanda!

Claudia Mardones - Ride Revolution
Claudia Mardones


If you are looking for a fun, but motivating, inspirational and challenging RIDE – look no further, Claudia is for you! Claudia has been part of the fitness industry for 15 years and currently holds NASM certifications working in a variety of fitness modalities – strength training, spin, barre, climbing, etc. She grew up playing volleyball, basketball and competitive soccer and continue playing soccer in college. Being able to coach others and change lives fills her cup!

Claudia was thrilled to join Ride Revolution and share her love for spin with her neighborhood Denver community. Ride feels like home and she loves this crew and community. If you attend a Claudia RIDE – you will spin to just about everything from hip hop to EDM to Afro beats to rock to 90’s, 80’s…the list will keep going. Just be ready to put in work, Claudia will uplift you and push you to be your best in the cycle room. Fun fact about Claudia: she’s a twin! Her sister and her have a DJ business in Denver and provide music production nationwide – so music, beats and rhythm run deep in this family!

Ellen Conway - Ride Revolution
Ellen Conway


To put it lightly, we love Ellen! Her smile on and off that bike is contagious. Ellen was a former division soccer player and started teaching in 2019 at a boutique studio in Washington, DC where she taught cycle and barre and continued to teach virtually through the pandemic. Ellen moved to Denver in 2021 and was thrilled to be back on the bike and to find a studio she can call home! Ride Revolution is a space where she feels she can authentically be herself – she uses music as a way to express her feelings and takes great pride in compiling her playlist for her riders. Members get insight into her and into themselves during her rides. She is so excited to watch this community grow and welcome more and more new riders to our fitness family.

Ellen’s rides are Dance Parties on the Bike – which means she plays everything from pop remixes to hip hop to house music and beyond. But favorite all time artist – Queen Bee – Beyonće. If Ellen isn’t riding, you can catch her outside training for triathlons and goal is to be a future ironman!

Claire Sisun
Claire Sisun


Tamara Russo
Tamara Russo



Discover your inner athlete and true best self.